۩  Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms

 ۩  Robotics

 ۩  Dynamics and Vibration Analysis of  Machinery

 ۩  Mechanisms and Machines for Rural,          Agricultural, Textile and Industrial Applications

 ۩  Micro, Nano Machines and Mechanisms

 ۩  Biomedical Devices and Mechanisms

 ۩  Theoretical Kinematics




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NaCoMM 2009-- (Robotics)


Paper Code                            Paper Title


RDR2                                      Comparison of performance of different traction systems for terrainean robots

RJB3                                      The Generalized Feature Vector (GFV) : A New Approach for Vision Based Navigation of Outdoor Mobile Robot

RAP4                                      A New Five Wheeled Rover For All Terrain Navigation 

RDR5                                      A brief comparison between the Subsumption Architecture and Motor Schema Theory in light of Autonomous Exploration by Behavior Based Robots

 RVM6                                    Haptic Feedback for Injecting Biological Cells using Miniature Compliant Mechanisms

 RAM8                                    Homogeneous Matrix Approach to Forward Kinematic Analysis of Serial Mechanisms

RAM10                                  ARBIB: Development of an Autonomous Robot based on Intelligent Behavior

RSB11                                    Verification of the Trajectories of Stewart Platform Manipulators against Singularities

RHP12                                    Docking Operation by Two DOF Dual Arm Planar

                                                Cooperative Space Robot

 RKV13                                  Force Control in One Legged Hopping Robot while Landing

 RAK14                                  Overwhelming Trajectory Control of Flexible Space Robot

 RBR17                                  Dynamics and Control of a Pneumatically Actuated                                                Robotic Manipulator

 RCA18                                  Mechanical Logic Devices and Circuits

 RDC20                                  Design of a SRSPM for a desired workspace

 RJV24                                   Modeling of Soft Materials: Integrating Bond graphs with

                                              Finite Element Analysis

 RSS25                                   Optimal Control of Planar Grasping

 RSR26                                  Analysis of Six-legged Walking Robots


R226                                      Spline Guided path of a Mobile Robot with obstacle avoidance cha-racteristics


R227                                       Serpentine Robot: An overview of Current Status & Prospect


RAC228                                 Exploring Serially Connected Multi-Tracked All-Terrain Vehicles for Improved Obstacle Climbing Performance

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