۩  Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms

 ۩  Robotics

 ۩  Dynamics and Vibration Analysis of  Machinery

 ۩  Mechanisms and Machines for Rural,          Agricultural, Textile and Industrial Applications

 ۩  Micro, Nano Machines and Mechanisms

 ۩  Biomedical Devices and Mechanisms

 ۩  Theoretical Kinematics




<List Of all Accepted Papers>

NaCoMM 2009 -- (Biomedical devices and Mechanisms)


Paper Code                 Paper Title


BMGR2                                 A Flexure-based Deployable Stereo Vision Mechanism and Temperature and Force Sensors for Laparoscopic Tools 

BMSC3                                   Active Vibration Control of Essential Tremor 

BMKK7                                 Design of Two Switch Mechanism Concepts for a Surgical Shears Device 

BMBB8                                  Neuromuscular mechanism of lower limbís joint loading during normal human locomotion 

BMSS9                                   Modeling of Damage Mechanism in Mouse Skin


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