۩  Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms

 ۩  Robotics

 ۩  Dynamics and Vibration Analysis of  Machinery

 ۩  Mechanisms and Machines for Rural,          Agricultural, Textile and Industrial Applications

 ۩  Micro, Nano Machines and Mechanisms

 ۩  Biomedical Devices and Mechanisms

 ۩  Theoretical Kinematics




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NaCoMM 2009 - (Dynamics and Vibration Analysis of Machinery)


Paper Code                Paper Title


DVAMCC1                            Whirling of a Rotor on  Isotropic Shaft considering Gyroscopic Effect and Asymmetric Bearing Stiffness 

DVAMAV3                           Modeling and Simulation of the Dynamics of Crankshaft-Connecting Rod-Piston-Cylinder Mechanism and a Universal Joint  using the Bond Graph Approach 

DVAMMG4                           Stability Analysis of a Two-wheeler during Curve Negotiation under Braking 

DVAMIP5                              Dynamic analysis of cantilever beam with transverse crack 

DVAMSN8                            Stress And Vibration Analysis Of A Gas Turbine Blade With A Cottage-Roof Friction Damper Using Finite Element Method 

DVAMSK9                            Determination of the Optimum Steady State Performance of Bent-Axis Piston Motor drive 

DVAMMS10                         Dynamic Analysis of Vehicle Simulator using CAD Applications 

DVAMAM11                         Optimal Control for Rotors with Circulating Forces due to Spinning Dissipation 

DVAMVR14                          Lateral Dynamic Analysis of Rail Road Vehicle through Bond graph Modeling 

DVAMKK14                         Free Vibration Analysis of Bimodular Material Laminated Thick Plates Using an Efficient Individual Layer Theory 

DVAMAS16                          Vibrations of Composite material Beam and Shaft- Laser Vibrometer Vs Accelerometer


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