۩  Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms

 ۩  Robotics

 ۩  Dynamics and Vibration Analysis of  Machinery

 ۩  Mechanisms and Machines for Rural,          Agricultural, Textile and Industrial Applications

 ۩  Micro, Nano Machines and Mechanisms

 ۩  Biomedical Devices and Mechanisms

 ۩  Theoretical Kinematics




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NaCoMM 2009 -- (Mechanisms and Machines for Rural, Agricultural, Textile, and Industrial Applications)


Paper Code                 Paper Title


MMRAIASS5                        Model based supervision and monitoring of a hoisting mechanism: A simulation study 

MMRAIAAV8                      Design of Tundish Nozzles Alignment System for Multistrand Billet Casters in Continuous Casting Shop 

MMRAIASK9                       Design of Pivot less Tilting Pad Journal Bearing for Cryogenic Turboexpander 

MMRAIAKB12                     Mechanism For Grasping Deformable and Undefined Shape Object 

MMRAIAAM15                    Conversion to Oil Hydraulics for Improvement in Strip Shape at Five Stand Tandem Cold Mill 

MMRAIAG16                        Parametric analysis of Asymmetric Spur Gear Tooth 

MMRAIABH17                   Design and use of a quick stop device for closed study of grinding mechanism 

MMRAIAKM19                    A study on anti-loosening characteristics of different 3/8 BSW threaded fasteners 

MMRAIAAM20                   Modeling & Simulation of a Ball Throwing Machine


MMRAIAGN418                   Electrical Mechanisms (EMECS): Design Methods and Properties


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