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Belgaumkar Memorial Lecture


Arresting Aircrafts during Distressed Landing on Makeshift Runways:  Proposal of a paradigm and its ratification through Modeling and Simulation 


Sati S.C., Kanaskar A.S., Mukherjee A



Aircraft arrester systems are used to arrest the incoming aircrafts in case of emergency landing and reject take off situations. This paper presents an approach for modeling, simulation and analysis of aircraft arresting system using bond graphs for electronically controlled, hydraulically operated multi disc friction type of braking arrangement. A detailed dynamic model of the aircraft arrester system is modeled through bond graphs in which the various subsystems of the total system are created as capsules (subsystem objects). Detailed analysis for each of these subsystems is carried out and then final results are obtained. The simulation is carried out for different aircraft weights and landing speeds.

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